Why 72 AND YOU

For as long as Joshua’s dad can remember, he knew he had anxiety, and with that came times of depression in his life. He saw these things in his son when he was alive, and he sees them now in individuals that are part of his daily walk of life. He wants to let them all know, like they did for Joshua, that there is someone out there you can talk to, that there is help to cope with your anxiety and depression.

Finances can often be a barrier for those needing help. Individuals may not go to therapy and seek the help they need because they often think that they cannot afford it. 72andYou was created to offer a “Scholarship” to individuals so that they can receive the therapy that they need and better their mental health. This may also include transportation to and from a therapy session, as just being able to get to therapy can also be a barrier to individuals seeking the help that they need. We want to help eliminate roadblocks and barriers that prevent people from getting the therapy and help that they need.